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glassjaw, daggers and out of step the same night!
going to see gj

ieperfest schedule!!!!!
raised fist and 7seconds confirmed on friday…

+ youth of today , sept 11th
+ circa survive , always on sept 11th!!!

new bike

nike sb demo


more football!

another breath


bad timing picture






tour de france



today i met with tilly, jonas and andy, who rode all alone from london, same as last year with the ctrs guys. he made us his famous pancakes and we spent a couple of hours geeking with new apps for our iphones haha.
i also tried facetime for the first time!it’s amazing and free :)
later we went to see the tour de france arrival at champs elysées.
it’s my 3rd tour de france!looks like i’m here since too long ha!

back on track, i’ve been doing so much stuff lately, including an amazing trip to sicily.
i’m trying to be back on “a post per day” but it’s summer and bla bla bla.
i’m now working on what to do next, here’s my present mood:

sicily report soon
and yes, i’m standing on a volcano.

another breath

mercredi 7 juillet @ le klub (paris)

don’t remember how i got this…
pretty funny tho…

hey guys, my friend kyle’s bike is for sale.
he had built himself up to that after 6-7 years of messengering in sf.
check out all components below and let me know if you are interested!(price and pics via email!)

it’s got great shit on it. high flange campagnolo hubs in perfect condition, straight look carbon fork.

“So, the frame is a Ferappy frame hand made, there are two dents in it but otherwise is fine. The fork is a look carbon fork straight. The hubs are Campagnolo track hubs high flange. The cranks are some european brand cranks that are super light weight but as goes light parts are bit noisy. Not sure of the bottom bracket the pedals are Campagnolo old school pedals very nice very reliable. Threaded head set, not sure of the brand but it’s an expensive head set none the less, very light. I think the stem is a Massa stem same as the seat post. Rim is a Campagnolo. ”

my friend david realized this nice short movie which was projected at the last new york bicycle film festival.
and if you ever live around grand rapids, michigan, be sure you say hi to him.
and here’s his amazing dodici bike!

i’m fuckin late on this but, tomorrow, or better later this day…
see you there!it’s gonna be fun!bbq, sun, booze, music, bikes…what else?

get up kids!!!!
i finally saw them on sunday…
i was ashamed of myself on how loud i sang the whole show, but whatever, it was worthed.
even though the singer was jack black’s doppleganger (i couldn’t stop looking at him wen i managed that) the whole setlist was perfect.
on the top 10 shows i’ve been to.
yes!i said yes!

if i gave everything would you still listen to me?
it could be so much better than this
i don’t want you to love me anymore…
than enough
i can’t be held accountable if you can’t make up your mind
as much as i would like to
i can’t put my hands all over you
if i put myself in that position myself to be immune to you
to keep my heart from breaking if you can’t make up your mind
if i came home one last time
think of what the two of us could do
i guess we’ll never know

just recieved my new bike!
i’m so excited, but still trying to figure out where to put it in my 20sqm studio….damn!