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raised fist

circa survive

fever ray/zola jesus

i’ve been to many shows in august and september so far.
here are some videos and photos i took.

ieperfest (7 seconds, AF, raised fist, madball, black dahlia murder…)
madball (twice), with a nice fight atthe end of the show “you don’t fuck with my family”
50 lions from australia
circa survive, so good!
zola jesus, great voice girl!saw them tonight again at fnac store
fever ray, magic!


another breath

mercredi 7 juillet @ le klub (paris)

i just found out this website.
it actually has some nice ideas for dinner.
i find this funny.

on day 8 i moved to brooklyn for the rest of my stay in nyc.
mickey was so kind to give a place to the three of us!!!
so, after moving, me and chihiro went for a tour at king kog, then headed up to manhattan to spend the rest of the day.
i think agata was still d***k from monday so she stayed home the whole day.
in the evening we went to see my friend zuek exibithion 30 days in ny, then ended to dqm party in a nice bar in chinatown.
i was not in the mood of staying inside so i left chihiro at the party and came back to brooklyn to meet up with prolly.
i really wanted to see the peel session but unfortunately it was too late.
so, we went to a(nother) rooftop party.i love rooftops.
the rest of the night was a blast, riding around, playing pool, tasting my first taco and margarita (thanks massan!!!), shots, crazy taxi drivers.

bandana night!
this thursday it’s time for suicidal tendencies!!!
and if mike muir is still ok with that, i’ll interview them for salad days mag.
apparently he changes idea in 2 seconds…i hope not!!!

for you people who don’t like suicidal, there’s another great show in town.
one of my fav punk bands (total chaos) are playing @ la miroterie.
i wish i can go to both!

oh, i’m posting some photos i took last time i saw total chaos, in 2006.

here he is.
i finally managed to see him tonight and i decided to make a post only for him.
davide is my friend since 9 years now, i met him at the university through a GB cd he took out of his bag.
i miss all the time i spent with him watching dawson’s creek and playing fifa istead of going to school.
and i miss all the stupid bands name he invented (or did they really exist?), the summer hits we sang and the idea of opening a gas station in 2012 (i still like to believe we’ll do it).
we both moved outside italy and didn’t see each other for sooo long.
this is just a stupid post to tell him i miss him!

watch out…blinds crossing.

rats devoured her baby.



i know my camera is shit.
what about the video I posted? i can’t even tell you what song it was.
that was sick.
i loved it!
trash talk from CA


“Milo il gatto” is my apartement block’s cat.
but he hates me
despite that i smile at him every single morning
i’d say that’s just politeness
french, the’re all the same

Immagine 1

Immagine 2

Immagine 3

Immagine 4

Immagine 1

Immagine 8

everything is illuminated

A copia copia

my friend Marco built up a new photographic project


august 17 @ le pixi, Paris

can’t wait for them