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dad built my bike carton.


miles away

i fioi

cruel hand

7 seconds

????????good quality photo with raised fist

raised fist!finally.

peo’s shoes

peo from brumbleberry and thomas from switzerland

nick mustachios

mike and nick



you’re nothing, motherfucker

keep it brutal!

peo’s report here!


back on track, i’ve been doing so much stuff lately, including an amazing trip to sicily.
i’m trying to be back on “a post per day” but it’s summer and bla bla bla.
i’m now working on what to do next, here’s my present mood:

sicily report soon
and yes, i’m standing on a volcano.

pic taken by somebody

on sunday afternoon i rode south west paris to “the club”, an old pool owned now by nike, where there was a polo tournament.
it was freaking hot but the ride, the place and the afternoon itself was so nice. bummer the place is gonna be destroyed soon!
luis team (together with magic yorgo and greg) won.

can’t wait to recieve the copies of the new issue of salad days!
on this issue there’s an interview i made to propaghandi while they were in europe.
the mag is still in italian only, but if you wish to imrpove your skills or you just wanna have it, give me a call and i’ll bring it to you lovely parisians folks!

84 pages of underground music, street culture lifestyle and action sports
Bane, Nebula, Propaghandi, Dropkick Murphys, Poison the well, Billy the Kid, Estevan Oriol, Chaz Boroquez, Marco Cerretelli, Skam Dust, Airbourne, Kamikaze queens, Ray Gange, Danny Diablo
Strength Approach – aussie tour
Roberto D’Amico
Carnival Jam
Alberto “Sket” Scattolin, Jacopo Picozza
Regulations, Skate, Library, Killed By Press, Twttr Rcrd Rvws, Highlight, Products, STOKIN’ THE NEIGHBORS, Pitchfork Gear, Family Album

tony fast made a nice review on new fixed mag issue.seen on prolly‘s blog

i just found out this website.
it actually has some nice ideas for dinner.
i find this funny.

tomorrow this time i’ll be at the airport : destination new york!
me chihiro and agata are going to be in the big apple until april 11th, and i absolutely can’t wait for it.
it’s our first time there and i’m sure it’s gonna be a blast!
i decided not to bring my laptop, but i still can communicate through my iphone, so i’ll keep posting pics during the trip (i think).
here is a nice airfrance card i found online. we’re not flying airfrance though.

shooting for leader bikes

14 bike co


by matt lingo

i ran into michael this morning who gave me the new issue of fixé mag!!!
i took some shots of it, including a small article i did on until the light takes us film….which i hope to see soon in paris.
be sure you grab a copy!

2nd cover for this issue!
cool shot of luis davis by cedric viollet.

a…and another video from matt lingo x leader bike usa x emi brown

please email me HERE if you wish to distribute the magazine in your shop!