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miles away

i fioi

cruel hand

7 seconds

????????good quality photo with raised fist

raised fist!finally.

peo’s shoes

peo from brumbleberry and thomas from switzerland

nick mustachios

mike and nick



you’re nothing, motherfucker

keep it brutal!

peo’s report here!


don’t remember how i got this…
pretty funny tho…

get up kids!!!!
i finally saw them on sunday…
i was ashamed of myself on how loud i sang the whole show, but whatever, it was worthed.
even though the singer was jack black’s doppleganger (i couldn’t stop looking at him wen i managed that) the whole setlist was perfect.
on the top 10 shows i’ve been to.
yes!i said yes!

if i gave everything would you still listen to me?
it could be so much better than this
i don’t want you to love me anymore…
than enough
i can’t be held accountable if you can’t make up your mind
as much as i would like to
i can’t put my hands all over you
if i put myself in that position myself to be immune to you
to keep my heart from breaking if you can’t make up your mind
if i came home one last time
think of what the two of us could do
i guess we’ll never know

just recieved my new bike!
i’m so excited, but still trying to figure out where to put it in my 20sqm studio….damn!

tonight i’m just passionate o find some misfits cover songs on youtube.
here’s what i found so far…

marduk – earth ad

108 – death comes ripping

earth crisis – earth ad

hatebreed – hatebreeders!!!

pennywise – astro zombies

cradle of filth – death comes ripping (with spanish subtitles wow)

throwdown – london dungeon

snapcase – she

hellacopters – bullet

soia – all hell breaks loose

metallica – green hell

refused – bullet

guns’n’roses – attitude

and of course nofx – last caress

uhm…yeah many are taken from misfits’ tribute violent world.still remembering the first time i listened this vinyl at pibe’s house!
still a lot are missed, whatever!

this is the new tiger trick frame from rc!!!
available on this color only.
the frame looks rad, i wish i can have one now!
but i still love mine so i’ll def wait.
riding in circle website is under maintenance but you can already pre-order it here

pics from agata…sorry but they are much better than mine!!!!

me and my mates chihiro and agata are on the new issue of fixed mag!!!

this is probably my favourite picture representing my trip in nyc.
dylan bigby from the macaframa crew took it last sunday while i was enjoying the sunrise on a rooftop.

2nd cover for this issue!
cool shot of luis davis by cedric viollet.

a…and another video from matt lingo x leader bike usa x emi brown

please email me HERE if you wish to distribute the magazine in your shop!

1st of the 2 covers for the new issue of fixé magazine!
it looks great!
and here is the video of the “making of” this cover by photographer matt lingo.
i also wrote a small article about until the light takes us film,make sure you’ll grab a copy as soon as possible! ;)

i spoke 2 times in this week about this compilation i loved..yeah a while ago now. here are some of the tracks..