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Category Archives: friends and shit i like

just had this video about david.

doing the wrong thing – kaki king
new martini – karate
empty – metric
by fist and fury – tommy guerrero


06 nov 2010



marie and andy

autumn leaves

proper english breakfast

new obsession : hp sauce

la petite mecanique


good book

andy packing the impossible pack

did he do it?

he did it!

– paris
– autumn comes
– autumn leaves
– andy in paris
– last days.

tom is back.
this video is sick! still can’t believe how he’s not hurt after the last crash of the video.
i haven’t heard about him for a while, other great new riders came and did amazing stuff.

but, the first one is always the one you prefer, right?

miles away

i fioi

cruel hand

7 seconds

????????good quality photo with raised fist

raised fist!finally.

peo’s shoes

peo from brumbleberry and thomas from switzerland

nick mustachios

mike and nick



you’re nothing, motherfucker

keep it brutal!

peo’s report here!

hey guys, my friend kyle’s bike is for sale.
he had built himself up to that after 6-7 years of messengering in sf.
check out all components below and let me know if you are interested!(price and pics via email!)

it’s got great shit on it. high flange campagnolo hubs in perfect condition, straight look carbon fork.

“So, the frame is a Ferappy frame hand made, there are two dents in it but otherwise is fine. The fork is a look carbon fork straight. The hubs are Campagnolo track hubs high flange. The cranks are some european brand cranks that are super light weight but as goes light parts are bit noisy. Not sure of the bottom bracket the pedals are Campagnolo old school pedals very nice very reliable. Threaded head set, not sure of the brand but it’s an expensive head set none the less, very light. I think the stem is a Massa stem same as the seat post. Rim is a Campagnolo. ”

my friend david realized this nice short movie which was projected at the last new york bicycle film festival.
and if you ever live around grand rapids, michigan, be sure you say hi to him.
and here’s his amazing dodici bike!

i’m fuckin late on this but, tomorrow, or better later this day…
see you there!it’s gonna be fun!bbq, sun, booze, music, bikes…what else?

on sunday my lovely friend eva celebrated his birthday.
bbq, hello kitty’s pool, beers, fernet branca, friends, frisbee, football, camping.
alessio was in top form and threw everybody in the pool where killah akak the dog was chilling the whole afternoon, me included.

i love going back home, cause home is not where i live now, is where my family is.
i enjoyed my 5 days weekend, did many things and hang out with many of my friends.
of course i ate alot, and as good as always!

i also bought a new bike!!!

ate a pizza with horse meat

gio and calza


my village – oriago


lobster warehouse skatepark – work in progress

nice exhibition at xyz gallery

beer and best sanwich at florio’s

rocco :)

it was not 6:00am when enrico rizzato shot this picture.
6:00am is an italian skateboarding mag, and this picture of francesco rocking it at les halles’ wave is on it.
and i’m the ghost watching it from behind. good one mate!

mael kickflips

crazy guy from hamburg!!!

last saturday i went down to bercy with my mate francesco for a nice skate contest organized by some guys @ jemmapes crew.
jemmapes is a small skatepark not far from my house, francesco use to go there and sometimes i join him at the end of a summer day for a couple of beers on sunset time.
i love it!
anyway after the contest we stopped outside bercy village where mael and other 2 guys tried to jump from 3 blocks.
here are some pics i took with my iphone.