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andy shot these pics last july in paris.
LondonFG flickr.


06 nov 2010

got home yesterday from a paris/lyon/venice roadtrip.
rocco is almost blind now, and a bit deaf too.

i recieved this funny pic from my mate ryan “geez” a couple of weeks ago.
still have to develop 3 films from my trip to nyc, and 4 more films from last summer, while ryan was in paris.
i like to think that i’m gonna do it in 5 years or so.

new bike

nike sb demo


more football!

another breath


bad timing picture






tour de france



today i met with tilly, jonas and andy, who rode all alone from london, same as last year with the ctrs guys. he made us his famous pancakes and we spent a couple of hours geeking with new apps for our iphones haha.
i also tried facetime for the first time!it’s amazing and free :)
later we went to see the tour de france arrival at champs elysées.
it’s my 3rd tour de france!looks like i’m here since too long ha!

on sunday my lovely friend eva celebrated his birthday.
bbq, hello kitty’s pool, beers, fernet branca, friends, frisbee, football, camping.
alessio was in top form and threw everybody in the pool where killah akak the dog was chilling the whole afternoon, me included.

i love going back home, cause home is not where i live now, is where my family is.
i enjoyed my 5 days weekend, did many things and hang out with many of my friends.
of course i ate alot, and as good as always!

i also bought a new bike!!!

ate a pizza with horse meat

gio and calza


my village – oriago


lobster warehouse skatepark – work in progress

nice exhibition at xyz gallery

beer and best sanwich at florio’s

rocco :)

last of a serie.

me and ale

brooklyn banks

lovely girls

look deeper


i still have to develop 3 films.

dog parks.amazing.

ale and andrea.

nicholas and laura.

chinatown from chinatown.

this is america. tony and chichi.

wind empire.

will smith saved it.

eastern chill with ryan.


harlem side.

the city.

this is the first part of the longest day in nyc.
i met up with nish to a ride in central park. nish (steve) is a guy i met in paris last year for the london2paris ride and i was so glad to hang out again!
we met around lafayette street, pump my tyres at his home where i met his dog bentley.
then we rode up to the park through an amazing pedestrian area made from an ancient elevated subway rail, where now you can find grass and people resting.
central park is lovely, i wish i can have something like that in paris too.
the bike lane around the park is very beautiful to ride, not so busy and full of nice up-and-down hills.
meeting then again with agata, chichi and ryan geez.
just another perfect day.

life goal.