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Monthly Archives: September 2010

raised fist

circa survive

fever ray/zola jesus

i’ve been to many shows in august and september so far.
here are some videos and photos i took.

ieperfest (7 seconds, AF, raised fist, madball, black dahlia murder…)
madball (twice), with a nice fight atthe end of the show “you don’t fuck with my family”
50 lions from australia
circa survive, so good!
zola jesus, great voice girl!saw them tonight again at fnac store
fever ray, magic!


i recieved this funny pic from my mate ryan “geez” a couple of weeks ago.
still have to develop 3 films from my trip to nyc, and 4 more films from last summer, while ryan was in paris.
i like to think that i’m gonna do it in 5 years or so.