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Monthly Archives: June 2010

i’m fuckin late on this but, tomorrow, or better later this day…
see you there!it’s gonna be fun!bbq, sun, booze, music, bikes…what else?


get up kids!!!!
i finally saw them on sunday…
i was ashamed of myself on how loud i sang the whole show, but whatever, it was worthed.
even though the singer was jack black’s doppleganger (i couldn’t stop looking at him wen i managed that) the whole setlist was perfect.
on the top 10 shows i’ve been to.
yes!i said yes!

if i gave everything would you still listen to me?
it could be so much better than this
i don’t want you to love me anymore…
than enough
i can’t be held accountable if you can’t make up your mind
as much as i would like to
i can’t put my hands all over you
if i put myself in that position myself to be immune to you
to keep my heart from breaking if you can’t make up your mind
if i came home one last time
think of what the two of us could do
i guess we’ll never know

just recieved my new bike!
i’m so excited, but still trying to figure out where to put it in my 20sqm studio….damn!

salad days #3 is out!
bad religion are on cover, and there’s an interview i made to propaghandi during their last tour in europe.
check it out!

on sunday my lovely friend eva celebrated his birthday.
bbq, hello kitty’s pool, beers, fernet branca, friends, frisbee, football, camping.
alessio was in top form and threw everybody in the pool where killah akak the dog was chilling the whole afternoon, me included.

i love going back home, cause home is not where i live now, is where my family is.
i enjoyed my 5 days weekend, did many things and hang out with many of my friends.
of course i ate alot, and as good as always!

i also bought a new bike!!!

ate a pizza with horse meat

gio and calza


my village – oriago


lobster warehouse skatepark – work in progress

nice exhibition at xyz gallery

beer and best sanwich at florio’s

rocco :)

some shows i’m going to…

GWAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! july 11th, paris

get up kids and 7seconds, same night (damn!) – june 20th, paris

ieperfest 2010 – august 13/14/15, ieper

back to the past / glassjaw!!! august 07th, paris

another breath, july 07th, paris

BAND OF HORSES + cypress hill + minus the bear / august 27th , paris @rock en seine fest

last saturday my friends mojomatics were in paris for a show, together with jack oblivian and another couple of r’n’roll bands.
they spent then 2 more days in the city!here are some pics.
ciao fioi!