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Monthly Archives: May 2010

tonight i’m just passionate o find some misfits cover songs on youtube.
here’s what i found so far…

marduk – earth ad

108 – death comes ripping

earth crisis – earth ad

hatebreed – hatebreeders!!!

pennywise – astro zombies

cradle of filth – death comes ripping (with spanish subtitles wow)

throwdown – london dungeon

snapcase – she

hellacopters – bullet

soia – all hell breaks loose

metallica – green hell

refused – bullet

guns’n’roses – attitude

and of course nofx – last caress

uhm…yeah many are taken from misfits’ tribute violent world.still remembering the first time i listened this vinyl at pibe’s house!
still a lot are missed, whatever!


….aaaaaand in the evening we went to dinosaur jr show.

pic taken by somebody

on sunday afternoon i rode south west paris to “the club”, an old pool owned now by nike, where there was a polo tournament.
it was freaking hot but the ride, the place and the afternoon itself was so nice. bummer the place is gonna be destroyed soon!
luis team (together with magic yorgo and greg) won.

can’t wait to recieve the copies of the new issue of salad days!
on this issue there’s an interview i made to propaghandi while they were in europe.
the mag is still in italian only, but if you wish to imrpove your skills or you just wanna have it, give me a call and i’ll bring it to you lovely parisians folks!

84 pages of underground music, street culture lifestyle and action sports
Bane, Nebula, Propaghandi, Dropkick Murphys, Poison the well, Billy the Kid, Estevan Oriol, Chaz Boroquez, Marco Cerretelli, Skam Dust, Airbourne, Kamikaze queens, Ray Gange, Danny Diablo
Strength Approach – aussie tour
Roberto D’Amico
Carnival Jam
Alberto “Sket” Scattolin, Jacopo Picozza
Regulations, Skate, Library, Killed By Press, Twttr Rcrd Rvws, Highlight, Products, STOKIN’ THE NEIGHBORS, Pitchfork Gear, Family Album

last of a serie.

me and ale

brooklyn banks

lovely girls

look deeper


tony fast made a nice review on new fixed mag issue.seen on prolly‘s blog

i still have to develop 3 films.

dog parks.amazing.

ale and andrea.

nicholas and laura.

chinatown from chinatown.

this is america. tony and chichi.

wind empire.

will smith saved it.

eastern chill with ryan.


harlem side.

the city.

i went to see break even last monday.
the tour leaders were deez nuts which are very big in europe but i never really listened for them.
i had the chance to get on the bondi list so i went to the show, met the guys and had too many beers with gilles.
break even just released their album “the bright side” under anchor aweigh records, an italian label based in sardinia.check their stuff here!

i just found out this website.
it actually has some nice ideas for dinner.
i find this funny.

this is the new tiger trick frame from rc!!!
available on this color only.
the frame looks rad, i wish i can have one now!
but i still love mine so i’ll def wait.
riding in circle website is under maintenance but you can already pre-order it here

this is the first part of the longest day in nyc.
i met up with nish to a ride in central park. nish (steve) is a guy i met in paris last year for the london2paris ride and i was so glad to hang out again!
we met around lafayette street, pump my tyres at his home where i met his dog bentley.
then we rode up to the park through an amazing pedestrian area made from an ancient elevated subway rail, where now you can find grass and people resting.
central park is lovely, i wish i can have something like that in paris too.
the bike lane around the park is very beautiful to ride, not so busy and full of nice up-and-down hills.
meeting then again with agata, chichi and ryan geez.
just another perfect day.