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on day 8 i moved to brooklyn for the rest of my stay in nyc.
mickey was so kind to give a place to the three of us!!!
so, after moving, me and chihiro went for a tour at king kog, then headed up to manhattan to spend the rest of the day.
i think agata was still d***k from monday so she stayed home the whole day.
in the evening we went to see my friend zuek exibithion 30 days in ny, then ended to dqm party in a nice bar in chinatown.
i was not in the mood of staying inside so i left chihiro at the party and came back to brooklyn to meet up with prolly.
i really wanted to see the peel session but unfortunately it was too late.
so, we went to a(nother) rooftop party.i love rooftops.
the rest of the night was a blast, riding around, playing pool, tasting my first taco and margarita (thanks massan!!!), shots, crazy taxi drivers.


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  1. NICE ATTITUDE!!!!!!!

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