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Monthly Archives: April 2010

it was not 6:00am when enrico rizzato shot this picture.
6:00am is an italian skateboarding mag, and this picture of francesco rocking it at les halles’ wave is on it.
and i’m the ghost watching it from behind. good one mate!


…on a nyc rooftop.
zuek, geez and…uhm.

life goal.

yesterday night i went to see cancer bats!
i love this band, and as it was the first time i saw them i was really excited!
they basically made a great show, headbanging from the first to the last second, playing many of my fav songs including hail destroyer and a nice cover of beastie boys’ sabotage.
their support band was the ghost of a thousand, a pretty good band from england.not my favourite sound, but it’s always good to see a nice band live!
i forgot my camera, so i don’t have any of my bad videos to upload (damn!), but here are some pics i took, and the gorgeous tshirt i bought ha.

mael kickflips

crazy guy from hamburg!!!

last saturday i went down to bercy with my mate francesco for a nice skate contest organized by some guys @ jemmapes crew.
jemmapes is a small skatepark not far from my house, francesco use to go there and sometimes i join him at the end of a summer day for a couple of beers on sunset time.
i love it!
anyway after the contest we stopped outside bercy village where mael and other 2 guys tried to jump from 3 blocks.
here are some pics i took with my iphone.

pics from agata…sorry but they are much better than mine!!!!

this is the longest day ever.
didnt’ sleep for 26 hours.
the first part of the day will be in another random post, this is the night one.
on this night i met some amazing people from san jose fixed gear and i-d crew!
we spent one of the craziest night i had in ny, drinking, eating, riding non stop.
after a whole night at max fish we rode to the pizza place, then to times square at 6am, then to central park for a morning tour.
i’m stealing all these picture from agata‘s flickr, and this nice video kevin made about their whole trip, which has some footage on this night too!

me and my mates chihiro and agata are on the new issue of fixed mag!!!

on day 8 i moved to brooklyn for the rest of my stay in nyc.
mickey was so kind to give a place to the three of us!!!
so, after moving, me and chihiro went for a tour at king kog, then headed up to manhattan to spend the rest of the day.
i think agata was still d***k from monday so she stayed home the whole day.
in the evening we went to see my friend zuek exibithion 30 days in ny, then ended to dqm party in a nice bar in chinatown.
i was not in the mood of staying inside so i left chihiro at the party and came back to brooklyn to meet up with prolly.
i really wanted to see the peel session but unfortunately it was too late.
so, we went to a(nother) rooftop party.i love rooftops.
the rest of the night was a blast, riding around, playing pool, tasting my first taco and margarita (thanks massan!!!), shots, crazy taxi drivers.

it was always a drama when they ask where we are from.

i passed the last 3 days checking all the pics i made in nyc, trying to post them here wondering the best and less annoying way to do it.
i’m lazy and disorganized, so i’ll make some random posts.

here below are some pictures john watson aka prolly took last tuesday.
after a couple of hundreds of texts and calls we finally met at chari and co, then took me and 2 (weird) twins from sweden to eat great 1usd dumplings, rode to battery park, where i took this pic of his beautiful eddy merckx frame.
we rode again along the bay and ended up in epsteins bar (between allen st and statton st), in time for a couple of drinks and laughs on my italian accent, fat american folks and my future husband in america, just in time to go back and grab the bus to philly with chihiro and meet up with tony.

this is probably my favourite picture representing my trip in nyc.
dylan bigby from the macaframa crew took it last sunday while i was enjoying the sunrise on a rooftop.