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so, where to start…the weekend has been so full!
on saturday, the guys from rotterdam fixed gear came to paris for the tricks contest organized by thibs, tomypunk and the soundtrack crew!
we had a chilled afternoon at cyclope and a nice neverending dinner in the marais, then decided to join the frenchies at a bar for a drink.
this intro to tell about my crash haha.
a guy literally pushed me off my bike in the middle of the street, so i felt off and bruised half of the body.shit.
anyways on sunday we drove the magic dutch van to la défense for the contest.
i was in the jury with barth from cyclope and other 2 guys from 2 other shops oin paris (sorry, i’m bad on names..) so we had to follow all the sessions and decide who was going to be the winner in the street and trick comp.
it turned out to be an amazing day!the rain didn’t fall for most of the day, which was totally cool, even if wind and grey sky was all over us for the whole time.
the level of the riders was higher than expected!!!the guys from geometricks rocked (i loved felix nose wheelie), roy (360 man!!!), romain in wheelies, gomok and rémi on the banks, yassin on 3 different bikes, you guys impressed me alot!

bref, here are the results:
footdown : rodolphe
tricks : 1. rudy 2. rémi
street : 1. gomok / roy (we couldn’t decide)
best way to open a beer : jboule (i’ll never forget it)

big up to thibs and tomypounk!!!!
check here for the whole set of pictures on soundtrack flickr!



  1. An awesome post from a girl that rocks!

  2. merci à toi thibs, c’est que grace à toi.

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