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Monthly Archives: February 2010

nissiu’s back

michele – gfh

dudu – gfh

pippo, me and marco

me, dudu aka my personal freddy cricien and silvia

the guys

strenght approach

lurking in my hard disk i found out some pictures i shot during a show at “rivolta” the squat of my city in italy.
i believe it was 2006, that night gonna fall hard and strenght approach played,and at a moment some guys took to the gig a transexual they met outside the squat. she seemed liking the show!
ps:dudu where are you?


last tuesday i went to see this band, semen sundae.
it’s a sort of speed punk, i really enjoyed the show!
half of the band is from the us and the other half from paris (i guess).
they have something to do with april 77 rec and they don’t have any myspace or recorded stuff to hear yet. hopefully soon!
i’m stealing the below video from the net.

wai made this cool picture during last week “ghost ride” organised by the rock’n rollin fixie gang.

i think i need to go to the beach as i’m pale as wai and chihiro’s white-ghost-painted face ha.

check wai’s blog

wooo the first french trick contest!
thibs is organising this cool contest at la defense, one of the best spots in paris. friends from suburbs crew and the guys from geometricks will be a part of it, i’m so curious to see what it’ll come out!
see ya there!
sign up here for the contest!!!

here’s the press release by thibs:

hi dear riders, boyz and girlz,
my friend tomy and I are riding track bike since few years now and came into bending wheels, pinching tires, scratching frames, breaking peadals… Yes we are doing tricks on fixed gear bikes and we love it so much that we finally decided to make an event in Paris in order to support the local scene, riders and fixie industry.

as a first edit, this event has not for a purpose to gather all international event but we would be of course glad to welcome guest rider from abroad. The main purpose is to figure out what the fixie street is in france and what it will be tomorrow. so people feel free to join for the big fest on march 28th. ;-)
the contest consist in two main categories:

tricks (is on the ground) and street (more aerial). riders cane sign in both categories of course

thanks to all the support!

spot : Paris La Défense, Place des Degrés
when : march, 28th 2010

filming myself in the snow

babe rainbow music video – shaved – from salazar

dakota roche’s insight video

revoked final trailer

just some old and new videos i’ve been watching lately.

here he is.
i finally managed to see him tonight and i decided to make a post only for him.
davide is my friend since 9 years now, i met him at the university through a GB cd he took out of his bag.
i miss all the time i spent with him watching dawson’s creek and playing fifa istead of going to school.
and i miss all the stupid bands name he invented (or did they really exist?), the summer hits we sang and the idea of opening a gas station in 2012 (i still like to believe we’ll do it).
we both moved outside italy and didn’t see each other for sooo long.
this is just a stupid post to tell him i miss him!

the fantastic journey of andrea, pierre, henrik and patrick.
from sydney to melbourne on a track bike.
i can’t wait to see the whole movie…

last week i went to antoine’s house party with some friends.
he’s got an incredible house with a gate on the roof top.
it was actually not very safe as all of us had a drink in the hand but, it’s been so beautiful!
the pic didn’t show how high we were but it was impressive!!!

it reminded me when i used to go on my university’s rooftop in venice with fede and chicca, celebrating life after an exam.

yesterday i went to the lazy dog gallery.
nike sb waas there to present their new book, fluff!
the book is massive, 600 pages of great pictures.
i was kinda surprised of the italian part, showing pictures of many spots near my hometown, like verona and venezia.

600 pages, 19 tours, 117 by marcel veldman

some pics i’ve stolen through my iphone during the opening party.

this is a film about black metal.
i’ve been looking for this film since 3 months now, since when wayne told me about it.
it’s now going to be shown in the us and hopefully in europe soon.i wish i can ask the director to send a copy and build up a screening in paris!
maybe i’ll try.
if anybody has another idea to help me having it, please tell!
and if you’re one of the lucky people living in the following cities named here

EDIT : i managed to get in touch to the directors! please sign up for the facebook group to bring the movie in paris here
this is how it worked in london!