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anthony wild turkish

i thought that going to a 6 one man band show would have been harder!
pido called me last week saying he was coming over france for a short tour with other 5 french/italian o.m.bands.
i’m not a big fan of that kind of rnr but it turned out to be a very good show.
each “band” was different to the other, here’s my personal advice:

bud mcmuffin, niort-france : i arrived too late to see him’n roll

thee mysterious asthmatic avenger, tours-france : banjo’n roll

sheriff perkins, clichy-france : sounded like a cd’n roll. this guy only listen to hc and grind.

dog loose, padova-italy : arcella’n roll

anthony “wild” turkish, padova-italy : boogieterrone’n roll aka chevroletto

wasted pido, venice-italy : anarcho’n roll aka bloody fire.
pido already made a short movie on the first tour of “cowpunx from hell”
here’s the trailer:

nice to see you!


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