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Monthly Archives: December 2009

i’ve always dreamed to be a part of it


pido made this video a couple of nights ago, when he was coming back home around 4am.
happy holidays

i’m finally doing what my blog is made for.
post some 90’s music i like.
no way, it’s not meant for that, but as yesterday night i was bored at home i started to cruise on youtube and found out something my mind missed.
i still don’t know how i forgot this promise ring‘ song!

Still trying to get to the Champs Élyées...
Riding towards the Champs Élyées...

fixedgearlondon uploaded some videos on their blog of their trip to paris with the ctrs crew for the london2paris project.
here are a couple of vids while i’m riding with them, trying to get to the champs elysees for the tour de france arrival.
i want summer!

the winner!



romain, agata and myself did a checkpoint for the christmas alleycat this afternoon, organized by jboule.
it was at romain’s apartment in montmartre, we ended up to drink beers and eat a nice carbonara (i made) despite the guys having struggle with the cold.
crepu won the race!congratulations.

hc show on january 05 @ lepixi, paris

tackleberry from kiel, germany
at daggers drawn from berlin, germany

photos are from face the show website!

thursday morning @ 10 am, here


last week it was pascal’s birthday

i spotted this video on prolly‘s blog yesterday night…
i know how it feels losing a dog, and in that way.
susy r.i.p.

t-t-t-t-t-the guys are back in town!

i’ll miss the best show of the year in venice, as i’ll come back to my hometown the 24th only…
i’m trying to convince somebody to go to milan on 26th and share car, highway and essence fees.hope so!!!
l’amico di martucci



can’t remember his name, former throwdown drummer aka the cutest boy around

some pics i shot during last madball tour, here in paris.