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yesterday my mate arwith ( utarid booking ) from KL sent me this nice message:

“hi laura! finally La Quiete is coming down here in November!”

i remember him singing their songs in a perfect italian accent. and also his happy face when i offered him a laquite’s patch just before leaving malaysia.

anyway laquiete will be in south-east asia and australia very soon, if you ever are around, just go and see them.
here are the tour dates:
31 oct. 2009 sydney
1 nov. 2009 new castle
3 nov. 2009 brisbane
4 nov. 2009 brisbane
5 nov. 2009 sydney
6 nov. 2009 melbourne
7 nov. 2009 melbourne
8 nov. 2009 melbourne
9 nov. 2009 barbecue party melbourne
11 nov. 2009 johor bharu
13 nov. 2009 penang
14 nov. 2009 kuala lumpur
15 nov. 2009 singapore


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