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i saw gang green live in italy in 2007 , during the “25 years of wasted nights” tour.
i was so excited to see them live that i’m still remembering so good that show.
anyway, chris doherty (vocals,guitar) was so drunk that couldn’t even finish a song.
conclusion : after more than 90 minutes of singing,yelling,playing everybody’s else covers, including “kids of the black hole” ( from adolescents, that’s the song in the video ), i went home.
the guys told me they went on for more than 2 hours. after that they disappeared while ordering a pint of budweiser.


One Comment

  1. Quindi tu ti sei persa il punkabbestia trevisano che ha urlato: “Aporcodio! Xè quindexe ani ke speto de vedarve sonar e no si gnanca boni finir na canson!” Priceless, gnanca co £a mastercard!
    Comunque semo ndai a do concerti diversi, perchè al Rivolta i gà fato cagar i morti ;-)

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