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wai made some photos on my goodbye paris party :)
here are a couple…


dad built my bike carton.

andy shot these pics last july in paris.
LondonFG flickr.

just had this video about david.

doing the wrong thing – kaki king
new martini – karate
empty – metric
by fist and fury – tommy guerrero

06 nov 2010

got home yesterday from a paris/lyon/venice roadtrip.
rocco is almost blind now, and a bit deaf too.



marie and andy

autumn leaves

proper english breakfast

new obsession : hp sauce

la petite mecanique


good book

andy packing the impossible pack

did he do it?

he did it!

– paris
– autumn comes
– autumn leaves
– andy in paris
– last days.

tom is back.
this video is sick! still can’t believe how he’s not hurt after the last crash of the video.
i haven’t heard about him for a while, other great new riders came and did amazing stuff.

but, the first one is always the one you prefer, right?

raised fist

circa survive

fever ray/zola jesus

i’ve been to many shows in august and september so far.
here are some videos and photos i took.

ieperfest (7 seconds, AF, raised fist, madball, black dahlia murder…)
madball (twice), with a nice fight atthe end of the show “you don’t fuck with my family”
50 lions from australia
circa survive, so good!
zola jesus, great voice girl!saw them tonight again at fnac store
fever ray, magic!

i recieved this funny pic from my mate ryan “geez” a couple of weeks ago.
still have to develop 3 films from my trip to nyc, and 4 more films from last summer, while ryan was in paris.
i like to think that i’m gonna do it in 5 years or so.

miles away

i fioi

cruel hand

7 seconds

????????good quality photo with raised fist

raised fist!finally.

peo’s shoes

peo from brumbleberry and thomas from switzerland

nick mustachios

mike and nick



you’re nothing, motherfucker

keep it brutal!

peo’s report here!